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Written by: William Keepin, Cynthia Brix, Zanele Khumalo, and Antonia Porter

Gender Reconciliation Celebration ceremony, February 2015, Seattle, WA

Gender Reconciliation Celebration ceremony February 2015, Seattle, WA

Executive Summary;

Gender Reconciliation in Universities;

GRI Fourth Professional Facilitator Training in South Africa;

Further GRI Accomplishments in 2015;

Gender Reconciliation at the 2015 Parliament of World Religions;

2016-2017 Professional Training in Gender Reconciliation

Executive Summary

GRI Highlights for 2015:
  • Two independent research projects on our methodology of Gender Reconciliation were launched at two universities in South Africa, with highly promising results. Monthly follow up groups for students ran throughout most of the academic year. University researchers say “the data is really very rich, and we already have important themes ‘jumping out at us.’ The first scholarly journal article(s) from this research are expected to be published in 2016.
  • Thirteen intensive 3-day workshops on Gender Reconciliation were conducted: in South Africa (seven), the United States (three), India (two), and Australia (one). These included public workshops and invitational programs for  NGOs, educational institutions, and spiritual and religious organizations.
  • Introductory presentations on Gender Reconciliation were conducted at seven U.S. universities and colleges, including a full three-day intensive workshop at Pacific Lutheran University which was a major success (and they invited us back next year).
  • A new year-long professional training was launched in South Africa for a group of 22 highly qualified trainees, and three of the four 5-day training modules have been completed. Another training starts as soon as this one is completed.
  • GRI staff presented at the NGO forum of the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York City.
  • A team of 10 GRI staff from six countries, guest presenters, and two GRI board members made a significant splash at the 2015 Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City, where our materials and booth inspired a steady stream of conference delegates. We presented a three-hour experiential workshop at the Parliament for 80 attendees, entitled Transforming Patriarchy in Religion: The Promise of Gender Reconciliation.
  • As one university student described the impact of the Gender Reconciliation program: “I woke up; reconstructed, restored, transformed and liberated more than ever and truly more emancipated in terms of my gender & sexuality. I woke up…with my faith and hope reformed… a part of me has healed from the wounds I carried daily…” GRI will continue to offer its programs in selected universities in 2016.
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UPCOMING: Introductory Workshop in UK

LONDON – Gender Reconciliation (GRI) is partnering with SPARK to bring the GRI Training to the UK. Please join us for an Introductory Gender Reconciliation Workshop, 11th – 13th February 2016. Facilitators, trainers, religious leaders, therapists involved in peacebuilding, reconciliation, conflict resolution, and/or gender work in the UK or internationally are encouraged to attend. The workshop is also open to the public. All are welcome – whatever your faith, ethnic and cultural background, sexual orientation or gender identity.

You can register for the training by CLICKING HERE to complete the online registration form.

DATE: 11th – 13th February 2016
TIME: 9am – 6pm
LOCATION: Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ

COST: Early Bird Price (if booked by 15th December 2015): £165
Full Price: £190

For further information about the practical aspects of the training or if you would like to attend, but cannot afford the full price, please contact Natalie: sparkequip@gmail.org.

For further information about the GRI Training content, please contact Antonia: antonia@grworld.org.



GRI introductory Workshop – Australia

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS and heartfelt appreciation to GRI’s Australia team Esther Diplock, William Diplock and Nina Springle for their successful facilitation of a recent Introductory Gender Reconciliation Workshop, November 13-15, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia. Deep appreciation goes to Judy Bekker, GRI Director of Training in South Africa, for her loving support and strong, compassionate presence. Our Australian team is deeply grateful for the wholehearted participation of the 17 individuals who chose to attend. During the workshop, the group went deeply inward as they shared personal stories, and also held witness listening to others. We honour you all for your authenticity and for showing up so fully.


Taking Gender Reconciliation to the Parliament of World Religions

We are reflecting on our time spent at the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah – October 15 – 19, 2015. As a Gender Reconciliation International (GRI) team, we made a successful and resounding splash! This is quite an achievement given the fact that the Parliament was attended by almost 10,000 people. For our team, it was an enriching experience meeting and engaging with different organizations, religious and faith communities, interfaith groups, spiritual seekers and individuals to spread the word and work of Gender Reconciliation at our booth #827 and at GRI’s breakout session “Transforming Patriarchy in Religion: The Promise of Gender Reconciliation.” At a conference that consisted mainly of talking and discussion, the experiential format of the breakout session was a welcome change – and relief! – that provided attendees a wonderful opportunity to actually experience Gender Reconciliation, rather than just hear about it.

Thank you to all of you who came to our breakout session, and thank you to everyone who came to our booth who felt called to this work and were curious about Gender Reconciliation.

And a deep bow of gratitude and appreciation to the GRI team for your energy, time, commitment and presence throughout the Parliament gathering. Natalia Cediel, Scott Van Note, Antonia Porter, Rev. Laurie Gaum, Zanele Khumalo, Patrick Fischer, Chaya Pamula, Sr Lucy Kurien of Maher Ashram, Rev. Rick Paine, Imam Jamal Rahman, Cynthia Brix and Will Keepin, it has been a joy and privilege having you on the team.



Gender Reconciliation work at Chrysalis

“It was a joy and a privilege to hold space for the 6 women and 16 men who showed up in the fullness of their humanity at the Chrysalis Academy in Tokai, Cape Town last week. Together we shared deeply and held witness to each other as we spoke truth to our experiences as women and men with compassion, humility and courage. A deep bow of gratitude to Lucille Meyer for your leadership and your gracious stewardship of the Gender Reconciliation work at Chrysalis.

Blessings to you all for all the ways you continue to show up!

With love from the facilitation team, Zanele Khumalo, Les Thomas, Judy Bekker, and Robert McLeod.