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Gender Equity and Reconciliation International is a project of the Satyana Institute. We are grateful to following organizations for their current or past generous financial support:

  • Charitable Gift Fund
  • Cunningham Family Foundation
  • Fetzer Institute
  • Giant Steps Foundation
  • Global Environment Projects Institute
  • Imago Dei Fund
  • International Community Foundation
  • Hidden Leaf Foundation
  • Kalliopeia Foundation
  • Nathan Cummings Foundation
  • Novo Foundation
  • Rockwood Fund
  • Roy A. Hunt Foundation
  • S.C. Rain Foundation
  • San Francisco Foundation
  • Seed Fund
  • Selby-Fong Spirit in Community Fund
  • Shaler Adams Foundation
  • The Philanthropic Collaborative
  • Threshold Foundation
  • Tides Foundation (Caritas Fund, Fred Moon Fund, and Star Fund)
  • Generous individuals and anonymous donors