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Upcoming Gender Equity and Reconciliation Workshops

Gender Equity and Reconciliation is an innovative forum that brings women and men together to jointly address gender conditioning and gender injustice in order to move toward mutual reverence and honor for one another.

Gender Equity and Reconciliation workshops create safe spaces for women and men separately and jointly to engage in experiential, interactive exercises and dialogues to address issues rarely discussed aloud. The process frequently leads to breakthroughs in mutual understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation. To learn more about participating in or organizing an introductory workshop in your area please contact us.

Upcoming GERI Workshops – United States

St. Louis, MO ~ May 4 – 6, 2018 (TBA)

Big Sur, CA ~ May 27 – June 1, 2018

Get Real! Workshop

Get Real! is a 3-day workshop aimed at individuals in NGO and faith organizations, universities, and general communities — to help people create authentic relationships. Get Real! stands for Gender Equality Training for Relationships that are Empowering, Awake, and Loving.

Social conditioning around gender and sexuality cultivates false ‘gender personas’ in women and men, resulting in tremendous pain and confusion between the sexes. The recent documentary film Miss Representation highlights negative gender conditioning for young women. The new film The Mask You Live In documents parallel negative conditioning for young men. When ‘misrepresented’ women interact with ‘masked’ men, gender relations become artificial, painful, and often destructive. Get Real! workshops help participants to shed negative gender conditioning and discover new forms of authentic relating, soul to soul, that cultivate mutual trust, integrity, responsible intimacy and inspires collaboration between the sexes.

Transforming Patriarchy in Religion

Gender injustice and oppression afflict every major religion — with adverse effects on individuals, congregations, religious leadership, and cherished spiritual ideals. Developed over 23 years in eight countries, the Gender Reconciliation training cultivates a unique set of skills and practices that enable religious leaders and seekers of all faiths to facilitate powerful transformative group process in the often charged arena of gender relations between women and men. Religious leaders are thereby enabled to begin skillfully dismantling the shackles of patriarchal attitudes and structures, with profound benefit to the community.

The Gender Equity and Reconciliation process is unique in applying spiritual principles and practices to transform gender relations. Because gender is inherently entwined with the heart’s inmost yearning — for love, intimacy, and communion with the Divine — skillful work with gender relations and masculine and feminine dynamics provides a powerful leverage point for awakening the power of love and compassion in groups and communities. The training experience is designed to be an engaging, intimate, and inspired journey of individual and collective transformation.

Professional Trainings

The Introductory Workshop serves as the prerequisite for the Professional Training.

For participants who feel inspired to engage the work more deeply or perhaps become a facilitator, Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI) offers a Professional Training. This training is for mature professionals of all ages, sexual orientations, faith traditions, race, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Mental health professionals and clergy are encouraged to apply. Candidates for the Professional Training must submit a formal application.

This training is appropriate for therapists, health care professionals, spiritual and religious leaders and seekers, activists, community leaders, and students, as well as facilitators and trainers involved in peacebuilding, reconciliation, conflict resolution, and gender justice. Adults of all faiths, sexual orientations, race, national and ethnic origin, and cultural backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to apply.

United States Training

The next training in the United States is planned to begin in June 2018. We would be happy to add your name to the waiting list; please write to us


Application for 2017-2018 Gender Equality and Reconciliation Training