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Professional Facilitator Training

Seattle, WA ~ December 1-3, 2017

Healing Relationships: Liberating the Human Spirit from Gender Oppression

Date: December 1 – 3, 2017

“Injustice and corruption will never be transformed by keeping them hidden,
but only by bringing them out into the light, and
confronting them with the power of love.”
–– Martin Luther King Jr.

This three-day workshop offers a practical step to confronting and dismantling personal and cultural patterns of gender conditioning at multiple levels so as to address the ways in which men and women perpetuate gender injustice. Through skillful and creative collaboration, participants will gain insights from this process that contribute directly to addressing and transforming gender relations. New relational skills and a culture of deep respect and integrity between the sexes will be fostered, fueled by heightened mutual awareness of the gender conditioning experienced by both women and men in our society.

This is a 3-day residential workshop.

Cost: Early Bird Rate (by Nov. 1): $250

$325 after Nov. 1

Accommodations  available in dorm-style, triple, or double rooms: $30, $40, $60, respectively 

Workshop is held in a beautiful private setting in the foothills of the Cascades, 45 minutes north of Seattle.

Will Keepin, Ph.D and Rev Cynthia Brix, are co-founders of Gender Reconciliation International. They have facilitated more than 90 gatherings in seven countries for healing and reconciliation between women and men. They are authors of Divine Duality: The Power of Reconciliation between Women and Men (2007) and Women Healing Women (2009). Will and Cynthia are currently leading professional training programs for facilitators of Gender Reconciliation in the United States, South Africa, India, Australia, and Kenya.

Garrett Evans received his B.S. in conflict resolution from Portland State University and is a graduate of GERI’s 2016-17 professional immersion training.

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