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Transformational Radio: Voices of Women

Interview with Cynthia Brix and Zanelle Khumalo hosted by Kris Steinnes

Cynthia Brix and Will Keepin: Moving Through the Fire

Cynthia Brix and Will Keepin received Honorary Doctorates from CIIS at Commencement in May, 2016.

The story of Cynthia Brix and Will Keepin cannot be told without honoring the stories of many women, men, and LGBTI people around the world. Through the Gender Reconciliation project, the two have given workshops in Australia, Colombia, India, Kenya, South Africa, Europe, and the United States. They facilitate a transformative process of bringing gender injustices into the light that allows for a deep healing of the heart. The need for gender reconciliation is urgent: Domestic violence continues to be a leading cause of death for women worldwide.
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Anchor Magazine Article Fall/Winter 2016

By Will Keepin, Ph.D. and Cynthia Brix, Ph.D.
“Last year, two boys raped my fourteen-year-old daughter,” Verena confided ruefully in a soft voice. “One of the boys was HIV positive,” she continued, her voice shaking. Verena took a long, slow breath, clutching a crystal heart in her hand. “Now, my daughter is HIV positive,” she said with a sense of defeat as large tears welled up in her eyes.”
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Why I’m Taking the Gender Equity and Reconciliation Training

By Kenny Ausubel, co-founder of Bioneers a non-profit that is a fertile hub of social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.
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The Marriage of the Sun and Moon: The Truth and Reconciliation of Gender

Bioneers Radio: Revolution of the Heart of Nature


Monitoring an Evaluation of Gender Reconciliation

This report is an independent review and evaluation of the Gender Reconciliation International project in South Africa. The report begins with a summary of results achieved in numerous workshops conducted in diverse settings, and then reports on systematic follow up studies conducted 3 to 11 months after these workshops as a means to assess the long-term impacts of Gender Reconciliation work. The conclusions are that Gender Reconciliation is a unique tool because it addresses the causes (rather than just symptoms) of HIV/AIDS, and it has the potential to prevent communities from self-destructing because of gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS.
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Download PDF here: Phaphama Initiatives Gender Reconciliation Report 2010

KOSMOS Journal, “Connecting Beyond Border”

This article provides a brief overview of the Gender Reconciliation International project, published in Kosmos journal in 2008. The article includes the principles and methodology of Gender Reconciliation, and a summary of key results achieved in the on-going projects in South Africa and India.
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Download PDF here: Kosmos: Divine Duality | Reconciliation between Women and Men