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Anchor Magazine Article Fall/Winter 2016

By Will Keepin, Ph.D. and Cynthia Brix, Ph.D.
“Last year, two boys raped my fourteen-year-old daughter,” Verena confided ruefully in a soft voice. “One of the boys was HIV positive,” she continued, her voice shaking. Verena took a long, slow breath, clutching a crystal heart in her hand. “Now, my daughter is HIV positive,” she said with a sense of defeat as large tears welled up in her eyes.”
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Why I’m Taking the Gender Equity and Reconciliation Training

By Kenny Ausubel, co-founder of Bioneers a non-profit that is a fertile hub of social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.
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The Marriage of the Sun and Moon: The Truth and Reconciliation of Gender

Bioneers Radio: Revolution of the Heart of Nature

Gender Reconciliation: an interview with Dr. Will Keepin and Rev. Cynthia Brix

An interview from The Marion Institute a non-profit working toward root cause solutions that acts as an incubator for programs & serendipity projects.
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KOSMOS Journal, “Connecting Beyond Border”

This article provides a brief overview of the Gender Reconciliation International project, published in Kosmos journal in 2008. The article includes the principles and methodology of Gender Reconciliation, and a summary of key results achieved in the on-going projects in South Africa and India.
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Download PDF here: Kosmos: Divine Duality | Reconciliation between Women and Men

Founders Interview
Founders Interview Video

Conversations with today’s leading edge thinkers. [Video]

Monitoring an Evaluation of Gender Reconciliation

This report is an independent review and evaluation of the Gender Reconciliation International project in South Africa. The report begins with a summary of results achieved in numerous workshops conducted in diverse settings, and then reports on systematic follow up studies conducted 3 to 11 months after these workshops as a means to assess the long-term impacts of Gender Reconciliation work. The conclusions are that Gender Reconciliation is a unique tool because it addresses the causes (rather than just symptoms) of HIV/AIDS, and it has the potential to prevent communities from self-destructing because of gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS.
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Download PDF here: Phaphama Initiatives Gender Reconciliation Report 2010