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Gender Equity and Reconciliation International Professional Staff:

For bios of the founding directors, William Keepin and Cynthia Brix, click here.

Judy-BekkerJudy Bekker

Judy Bekker is Director of Training for Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI) in South Africa. She founded Renaissance Business Associates in Cape Town, and has served as professional facilitator for more than 30 years in corporations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Judy has specialized in personal and leadership development, communication skills, relationship building, and solo wilderness experiences. Judy is a GERI certified facilitator and trainer, and is widely regarded by her peers as one of the most talented professional facilitators and facilitation trainers in South Africa.

Zanele-KhumaloZanele Khumalo, MA

Zanele Khumalo is a Program Officer of GERI in South Africa. She is a trained facilitator with experience in diversity management, intercultural communication, youth facilitation, and alternatives to violence. Zanele holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Social Anthropology, and a postgraduate degree in Diversity Studies from the University of Cape Town. She has six years experience as a social science researcher, and trained young adult mentors of children at risk. Zanele is a certified GERI facilitator and Trainer.

Garrett Evans, BA

Garrett Evans, BA is a Associate Program Officer in the United States. He received his B.S. in conflict resolution from Portland State University and is a graduate of GERI’s 2016-17 professional immersion training. He began practicing in the Zen Buddhist tradition in 2011, and has since maintained a daily practice of meditation and silent prayer. He discovered Satyana Institute’s work in 2014 and was deeply moved by the Gender Equity and Reconciliation project. Garrett also shares a love for the world’s contemplative traditions, and particularly through GERI’s work, feels called to bring together his contemplative practice with healing work in the world.

Desireé English

Desireé English is an Operations Officer for GenderWorks* and has spent most of her 25-year career creating and holding spaces for learning and development for individuals and groups including local government, corporates and NGOs. As an Integrative Trauma Healing Practitioner and independent learning and development consultant, Desireé is strongly grounded in her purpose of facilitating healing and empowerment within communities, especially working with women and youth. She loves being a mom to her daughter. Desireé is on track towards certification as a GERI facilitator.

Tsungme-GuyJohn Tsungme Guy, MA, LMHC

John Tsungme Guy is a consultant with Gender  Equity and Reconciliation International. He is a psychotherapist, addictions counselor and meditation instructor. John Tsungme earned a BA in Sociology from the University of Nevada and an MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University. From 2003 to 2012 he worked with youth and adults in diverse settings to instill positive lifestyle habits and foster healthy relationships. He joined GRI as a volunteer in 2012 and as a consultant in 2013. John Tsungme is a certified GERI facilitator.

Julien Devereux, Ph.D. is a consultant for GRI in the United States Julien Devereux, PhD

Julien Devereux, is a consultant for GERI in Dallas, Texas (USA). He is a coach and senior consultant in clinical social work and organizational development, with a background in criminal justice and addictions counseling. Julien serves on the senior staff at Eupsychia Institute where he leads training programs in Integrative Breathwork. He was the recent chair of the Mankind Project USA an is an MKP Elder and is a staff member for the Dallas New Warrior Training Adventure. Julien was certified as a GERI facilitator in 2005, and has contributed to the work since 2000 in the U.S., Canada, and South Africa. He has developed and convened follow-up Gender Equity and Reconciliation groups which have met regularly for more than two years after introductory GERI workshops.  Julien is a certified GERI facilitator and also serves as a senior trainer of Gender Equity and Reconciliation.

Gender Equity and Reconciliation International Consultants:

Judy Connors, MA Judy Connors, MA

Judy Connors, MA (Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies) is a consultant for GERI and Director of Phaphama Initiatives in Soweto, South Africa. She has over 20 years experience in non-profit management, and is a leader in Alternative to Violence (AVP) as a senior facilitator and trainer in South Africa, Africa and Europe. Judy’s earlier background in teaching led her to learn an African language (isiZulu). She helped develop the TALK African language and intercultural learning programme, based on the U.S. socio-cultural Brewster methodology, which facilitates the building of meaningful relationships between South Africans who have been divided by Apartheid.  She is involved, with Jabu Mashinini, in materials development of an e-learning conflict resolution programme for South African schools, called Words over Weapons, in partnership with a Netherlands-based organisation, Butterfly Works. A student of Kundalini Yoga, she teaches yoga and meditation, and co-facilitates spiritual retreats in the Catholic Church. Judy is a certified GERI facilitator and also serves as a senior trainer of Gender Equity and Reconciliation.

Emma Oliver MSc, is a consultant for GRI in South Africa. Emma Oliver MSc

Emma Oliver MSc, is a consultant for GERI in Cape Town, South Africa. She is a qualified social worker and jin shin jyutsu and body work therapist. Emma is a trainer for Capacitar and facilitator for AIDS Response working with home based carers. She has a love for the beauty of life and a passionate belief in the deep potential of everyone. Emma is a certified GERI facilitator and is deeply devoted to the work of gender healing in South Africa.

Antonia PorterAntonia Porter

Antonia Porter is an International Program Officer for GERI in Cape Town, South Africa. She is a conflict resolution practitioner who has worked in South Africa, Nepal, India, Mozambique, the United States, and the UK. Antonia spent four years as Project Officer at the Center for Conflict Resolution, Africa’s most internationally recognized think-tank, based in Cape Town. Antonia designed projects on conflict transformation and gender equality, including the application of new information and communication technologies (ICT) to map sexual violence, which is now being implemented widely. She has extensive experience in fundraising, and monitoring and evaluation. Antonia has published book chapters on gender, masculinity, peacebuilding, and articles in International Peacekeeping and various South African newspapers since 2011. Antonia is a certified GERI facilitator.

Rob McLeod is a consultant for GRI in Cape Town, South Africa. Rob McLeod

Rob McLeod is a consultant for GERI in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a writer, artist, editor, art historian and facilitator who works with Learn to Lead as a course/materials designer and corporate trainer in diversity, mastering conflict, leadership and change management. He also trains trainers to up-skill them in experiential learning and is passionately committed to playing his part in growing South Africa. Rob is a certified GERI facilitator and trainer.

Jabu Mashinini, BA

Jabu Mashinini, BA is a GERI facilitator/ trainer and organizational consultant. He specializes in diversity training, counseling, peace studies, the Alternatives to Violence Project, and Phaphama Initiatives based in Soweto, South Africa. Jabu is a Facilitator for the international Nelson Mandela Dialogues in several countries.

Esther Diplock, M Couns

Esther Diplock, M Couns is a GERI facilitator and program coordinator for GERI, in Brisbane, Australia. Esther is an individual and couples’ therapist in private practice, and an educator and supervisor, with a specialization in Body Psychotherapy and trauma informed practice. Esther holds a B Occ Thy in Occupational Therapy from University of Queensland, and an M Couns from Christian Heritage College.

William Diplock, M Soc Sc (Couns)

William Diplock, M Soc Sc (Couns) is a GERI facilitator and program coordinator for GERI, in Brisbane, Australia. William is a counselor in private practice, with a background in individual, couples and family therapy and clinical supervision. He is also a teaching elder in Men’s Rites of Passage. William received his M Soc Sc in Counselling from Queensland University of Technology.


Natalia Cedeil is a consultant for GERI in Bogotá, Colombia. She is a veterinarian, lecturer, and researcher at the Universidad Antonio Nariño. She has taught and conducted research on epidemiology and community health in several universities in Colombia and Italy, and she coordinates an epidemiology group at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Natalia organized the first GR workshop in Bogotá in 2012 and is currently a trainee in the GERI facilitator program in the United States.