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Join the GERI movement and help us share the good news!
Please join us in our #WEHEALTOGETHER (We Heal Together) campaign.  Please share via email and/or post/retweet one or more of the attached graphics to your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We have posted all these images on our Facebook page as well.
As many of you have likely seen in the last day(s), the #METOO campaign has made quite a stir on social media, with many women (and others) sharing the truth of their experiencing around sexual harassment, and so beginning to collectively rupture the seams of patriarchal silence.  GERI has a unique contribution to make at this time, having, for the past 25 years, convened rare forums where both women and men have the space to skillfully share their truths around patriarchal injustice, receive the truth of the other, and together move towards healing and transformation.
Let’s spread the good news of GERI and our collective commitment.  Let’s work together to bring healing, understanding, and mutual reverence to the masses.
Many thanks to De Anna LePree and Garrett Evans, GERI staff and intern facilitators, for creating these images for our campaign.
Cynthia and Will



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